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Home Improvement Loan
Established 1999

Need a home improvement loan near Fort Wayne region?

When it’s time to add a room to the house for a new family member, remodel the kitchen, landscape the backyard, repair the roof or even add a swimming pool, we can help you get the right home improvement loan as you enhance your life and beautify your home.

Before getting a home improvement loan

Before starting on any home improvement project, you’ll first want to write an outline of your plan so you can get several competing quotes from general contractors in and around your area. You’ll also want to do some research regarding the materials you’ll need, find out which tools are required and when you’d like the work started and completed. Knowing the total amount required, when it is needed and who will be doing the work is an essential first step in the home improvement loan process.

  1. Write out your home improvement plans in an outline
  2. Get several competing quotes from local contractors
  3. Research materials and the tools required for the project
  4. Set desired start time and completion time
  5. Total all the costs

Ways to borrow home improvement money

Home improvement personal loan

A personal loan for home improvements, often it’s an unsecured loan for improving your property, is a potential option but often is less attractive for high cost projects. You could apply for a credit card with low to no interest rates for a small period of time, which can often be a great way of funding short term, lower cost small home improvement projects.

Keep in mind, if you go the personal loan or credit card route for your home improvement loan, it will most likely complicate or make impossible the consolidation of this debt into your mortgage.

Since there really is a lot to consider, understand and decisions you make will have definitive positives and negatives as you move forward, we highly recommend speaking to a financial adviser regarding what’s best for you in your situation.

Home improvement loan with home equity

You can choose to finance your home improvements by getting a loan backed by the equity you’ve accumulated in your home.

Northwest Mortgage can help with your home improvement loan

Since 1999, we’ve earned a solid reputation as the go-to Mortgage Company in the greater Fort Wayne region. Our expertise and experience will steer you and your family in the right direction, ensuring you’re making the best decisions for your home improvement financing.