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Written by Northwest Mortgage

Published on Fri, Sep 25, 2020, Last Updated on Fri, Sep 25, 2020

Is your agent a good negotiator? You’re in the market for a home, and having an agent with excellent negotiating skills will help you seal the deal, especially in the event a bidding war ensues between you and another buyer.

The buyer selects the seller. Once you’re the chosen one, your agent needs to negotiate other aspects of the deal, such as home inspection, repairs and replacement, and more. If you have yet to find a good agent with excellent negotiating skills, here are key signs that’ll tell you that he/she is a good negotiator:

1. They Left You Impressed in the First Meet and Greet

You’ll want to interview more than one agent to decide who you want to choose as your agent. You can ask questions about their experience in the real estate market, their expertise in helping buyers find a home, their knowledge about the local real estate market, and their behavior and eagerness to help you find a home.

Most agents will tell you their process of assisting buyers look for a home, so pay special attention to that. You want a highly communicative, organized, and active agent. You want an agent who goes out of their way to find a home that meets all your requirements.

You’ll know most of these things from the first meeting and the other things after hiring them. If you’re unsatisfied with the agent’s handiwork at any point, you can switch to another agent.

2. They Convinced You to Hire Them

If an agent can convince you to hire them, that’s a sign that they know how to negotiate. Think about it. If an agent knows how to sell themselves to you, they can get you a good deal on the house you want.

3. They Go Above and Beyond

Agents that care will go above and beyond to help you buy a home. Their goal is to have a good track record in helping buyers buy a home, and they care about maintaining their reputation in the market. Most importantly, they give you priority by always being available via various modes of communication. If you call them and they miss the call, they’ll give you a call as soon as possible, if not the same day, then definitely the next.

If an agent gets back to you after several days, it’s better to let them go. When the time to negotiate with the buyer comes, they’re likely to drop the ball due. This could be due to unavailability or because they might be getting a bigger commission from helping a buyer with a bigger budget.

4. They Have Great Intuition

Agents are often people-persons. If your agent isn’t one, they’re in the wrong life of work. An agent needs to exhibit great people skills and have the ability to read the room. They should be able to tell a seller’s willingness to lower the price or their unwillingness to go any lower.

Have you found your agent yet? If you haven’t, we hope these tips help! In the meantime, why don’t you call us for new home refinancing?