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Written by Northwest Mortgage

Published on Fri, Aug 14, 2020, Last Updated on Fri, Aug 14, 2020

The pandemic has thwarted many in their plans to buy a home. The coronavirus made things difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your house hunting on hold. Despite the pandemic, homes are still being sold, which means you still have a chance at your dream home! Let’s get three main safety tips out of the way before we go into detail on buying a home during the pandemic:

  1. Wear facemasks
  2. Use sanitizers & disinfectants
  3. Keep your distance

Now, let’s find you a home!

Do Your Homework

The number of homes on sale has declined somewhat, but there are still plenty out there. Life didn’t stop, and that means there are still excellent options on the market. Even if the hunt is more difficult, don’t settle for a home you don’t like. It’s an expensive undertaking, and one worth the time and effort.

The first step is to find a property in a community you prefer. Broaden your search to find homes for sale in surrounding areas if you can’t find one in the exact desired location.

Look for homes with good value for amenities, money, and facilities. Additionally, examine your current home to figure out the level of comfort and functionality it offers you. In doing so, you will know what you want from the next home you buy.

Speak to Your Real Estate Agent

Good real estate agents have been taking all the necessary precautions when communicating and interacting with their clients. Many have turned to using video conferencing to communicate and offering interactive virtual home tours. If you like a home, they can negotiate and finalize a deal on your behalf without you ever interacting with them in person. Interactive virtual home tours allow you to ask questions regarding the property’s condition, design, and more.

If you want to tour the home in person, you’ll have to tell your real estate agent beforehand so they can talk to the homeowners to see if that’s a possibility.

If the homeowner agrees, here’s how to stage a safe in-person meeting:

  1. Bring your hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and ensure the homeowner has plenty there
  2. Wear a mask and don’t take it off until you reach home (many touch their mask to take it off and don’t wash their hands before touching other surfaces)
  3. If the homeowner will be meeting you there, ensure you both practice social distancing
  4. If your real estate agent is to meet you there at the home, travel to the location in your own cars
  5. Don’t touch anything in the home such as doorknobs or use disinfectant wipes to do so
  6. If possible, tour the home alone and have necessary people on a video call

Searching for your dream home may be difficult and risky, but shelter is a necessity. Don’t feel guilty for taking steps to stay safe. Real estate agents are meant to make the search easier and faster, so if you’re able to, use their expertise to your advantage to find your home faster.

Once you find your home, we recommend cleaning it thoroughly yourself to ensure there are no traces of the virus left, should the homeowner or other visitors have brought it inside. Changing the air filters is also a great way to ensure your safety. Before you start, consult us for a pre-approval to make the homebuying even smoother.