Fort Wayne Neighborhoods for Dog Lovers

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19 January 2023 by Northwest Mortgage

If you’re looking for a place for you and Fido in Fort Wayne, read here!

Happy 2023! We at Northwest Mortgage hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your new year and that you’re looking forward to new goals. 

If one of those goals is home ownership in the Fort Wayne area so that you and your four-legged family members can build some equity, then this is the article for you! 

Since January is National Walk Your Dog Month, this is a good time to list a few nice places to put down roots with your pup. Because let’s face it: we don’t deserve dogs. They love us unconditionally for their whole lives, so they deserve the best life we can give them. And “the best” often involves a good yard, lots of doggy friends, and nice places to walk and bark at leaves and grab random sticks. 

But not all neighborhoods are created equal when it comes to being dog-friendly, so we’ve searched the city of Fort Wayne for a couple of the best dog-friendly neighborhoods around. 

For this list, we only included homes and NOT apartment complexes. We also took into consideration several factors, such as proximity to parks (especially dog parks!), closeness to pet shops, and pet-friendly amenities (such as sidewalks, yards, dog-friendly businesses, etc.). This list is not arranged in any particular order, nor is it exhaustive. But it’s a great place to start looking. With all of that, let’s get to it!

North Highlands

Location: West State street, roughly between Sherman, Goshen, and Spring streets

Amenities: sidewalks, quick access to several free parks, fenced-in yards

Centrally located in Fort Wayne without being downtown, the sprawling North Highlands neighborhood is designed with small families in mind. It’s within walking distance of several parks (such as Hamilton Park and Franklin park, depending on your location in the neighborhood) and within driving distance of several more (including Franke Park and the Fort Wayne Zoo). House prices vary, especially in this market, but can go anywhere from $100k to $200k. 

For neighbors, you’ll find lots of families and other pets with whom your dog can socialize. For pet shopping needs, you’re within a few minutes drive to a Kroger, downtown, and the mall. This area is perfect for young homebuyers or homeowners looking to downsize. 

Indian Village

Location: Intersection of Engle & Bluffton Roads, south of Nuttman Ave, east of Ardmore

Amenities: sidewalks, good yard space, proximity to Pawster Park, community association in Indian Village contributes to a neighborly feel

Indian Village is a national historic district, developed from the mid-1920s until 1960. The houses are well-maintained but still affordable for a young first-time homebuyer, ranging from $120k to $180k. So as you walk your dog, you might stumble across some interesting architecture and fun features on different houses!

You’ll find that many houses here have backyards and, no matter where you go, you’ll always be close to Pawster Park to make sure your buddy has lots of friends. Rentals are also available here if home ownership is not in your future yet - so if you find a rental, be sure to ask your landlord about their pet policy. 

If you’re looking for a chance to finance your home, contact us! Whether it’s your first or your fifth, we can help you get the loan you need and find the perfect home for you and your family (both human and animal). 

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